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If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken an important step towards your own growth.  I’m a deep believer that the initial steps towards finding a therapist are some of the most essential.  By reaching out,  you’re already negotiating between the part of you that’s struggling with the part of you that wants to feel better. If you can engage yourself in that conversation, you can “do therapy.”

Each person’s reason for seeking psychotherapy is unique.

In order for you to make the best use of your therapy, you need to feel respected, safe, and supported within the therapeutic relationship. I offer a warm and interactive approach in my work with clients. Through discussion, reflection, affective expression, and appropriate laughter, we will collaborate to address areas of your life that are not working for you. I also believe that acknowledging and learning from what’s good in your life can be beneficial for your growth

Psychotherapy has many benefits

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals and your values
  • Developing or expanding on the language available to you to describe your emotional experiences
  • Developing skills for improving your relationships
  • Identifying your current mechanisms for emotional regulation as well as examining how they are working for you
  • Learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety; increasing your capacity for compassion and self care`
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Changing old behavior patterns and developing new ones
  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting self-confidence

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”

-Pema Chodron

Sarah Perl LCSW Therapist in Tribeca
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